Hawaii Wedding Package - $599

We offer a wedding package that offers 12 still photos, sized 4" x 6 " AND 1 -8 " x 10" finished photograph--- professionally shot by a still Hawaii wedding photographer --color corrected and any other corrections necessary in Photoshop on these 12 photos .They are Printed on Luster Photo paper in a Professional Printing Lab.

The same Hawaii wedding photography package also includes a Fully Edited Video of your wedding--shot with a Hi Definition Video Camera -the footage from the camera, professional digital video tape is then put into a computer and made into a mini love story of your precious and special day --it is then put on a DVD disc that will play on your home DVD player and your television -Regular television or HDTV-We have a limited number of these WEDDING PHOTO VIDEO PACKAGES that we do on Hawaii at a super price of $599.00 full price for the entire WEDDING PACKAGE--depending on date and time of day - We will of course shoot about 150--300 still photos from which you can pick your 12 wedding photos --you will also have the option of purchasing any other of the still photos we shoot -You get to see the work before you pay for it , Its an incentive to produce the best possible work available ---but remember THAT IS AN OPTION. IT IS YOUR CHOICE.You get to look at all the photos before you decide anything "BUT REMEMBER", You can just pick 12 and we will be happy to have them

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all done, corrected and printed at the lab and delivered to you before you leave the island--We do not do a lot of these packages and if you are interested in this package which we call "The Impossible Photo Video Wedding Package" Please call me personally "Allen" at toll free 1-888-212-8161--I answer the phone--no sales people--No pressure--No stress--I am semi retired -- a Professional Photographer that has been in the wedding business for over 40 years and know what I am doing--(although some people think that doing as package like this for this price makes me a bit out of touch with the real world) Call me and I'll explain it--you will understand why and how we produce this package -- and love it --one of the last true BARGAINS left in the world.--A Professional Hawaii Wedding Photographer and a Professional Videographer --that's right --2 people and all of our gear coming out on a beautiful Kona Sunset Evening on a beautiful Kona Beach and doing 150-300 still photos "JUST FOR YOU" of which you get to choose 12 of the finished photos - AND- a fully edited video disc for $599.00 for both services -as an option we can even put your "MINI LOVE STORY" on a new Sony Blu-ray Disc that will give you the full 1080i lines of resolution our cameras shoot.-Sometimes I have to read it TWICE to believe I even put it together !!!!!! learn more about it -CALL ME" Allen" at 1-888-212-8161--and I pay for the call, cause its toll free.

Hawaii Photo Video
Kona, Hawaii
Call Toll Free at 1-888-212-8161

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